Mosel River Wine Region, Germany

World-famous among wine aficionados — but little known outside that realm — Germany’s Mosel River wine region is a scenic wonder of impossibly steep vineyards, hilltop castles and half-timbered villages. Exploring the river’s many bends (and tasting its many wines) was more than just an enjoyable trip — it was a first-taste of my German ancestry.

This portfolio centers on the towns of Bernkastel-Keus, Cochem, Beilstein, Ürzig, Bremm, Ediger-Eller, Senheim and Senhals as well as one of Europe’s best preserved and spectacular castles — Burg Eltz.

  • &#;Photographer Insight Photographing the extremely steep vineyards was challenging to say the least. Promising vantage points were few and far between. Yet, my favorite shot was a simple backlit composition from underneath the foliage, looking up at a translucent cluster of Riesling grapes. The light seemed to reveal the sweetness within, and you could even see a droplet of juice oozing from the fruit.