Hana Highway & Travaasa Hana, Maui

Situated at the end of the famous Hana Highway, the Travaasa Hana is an historic luxury hotel situated at seemingly the end of the earth. Built in 1946, the resort’s Sea Ranch Cottages offer an exclusive escape overlooking a primal shoreline of black volcanic rock, brittle knee-deep grass and swaying palms. The road to get there is an adventure unto itself: a 68-mile route that includes 59 bridges and 620 curves.

Working with Turner PR and their marketing team, I brought my photojournalistic approach to expanding their hotel marketing photography library.

  • &#;Photographer Insight The Hana Highway is rightly famous, but unlike the Na Pali Coast on Kauai, it is a beast to photograph. Overgrown by the forest and knotted up with more twists and turns than any other road I've been on, vantage points come quickly and often without an adequate turnout. At points, I had to stand on the guardrail to even see the coastline.